It Can Happen to You…

I used the last of the really good smelling shampoo tonight. So, unless you show up now, before I go to bed, you won’t get to smell how great it really is. I won’t be waiting up for you. I’m too tired.

Other news…

Graham, my brother, is visiting. We played canasta in between him cutting the lawn for Mom.

I started reading a book and discovered it was written by a Toronto woman and the story takes place in Toronto. That’s kind of nice. I do get a bit annoyed with TV and movies that are filmed in Canada and made to look like a town in the US instead. As if we have cooties.

I’m rearranging Dmoz categories because I have time while I’m here, spinning my wheels. I still have some strange addictive behaviour when it comes to Dmoz but it’s not out of control. It was at one point, many years ago. Now I find I enjoy fixer uppers (little abandoned categories) I wander into. It’s a way to shut down the brain and yet still use the grey matter. A distraction.

It seems there was other news but it was kind of nothing much and I’ve forgotten it now.

It’s been a really long time since I heard from John in Hamilton. Funny that I met so many men with that name at about the same time. Anyway, I’m not quite sad about not hearing from him, I am disappointed. I don’t like being left to wonder. Things had been difficult for him and maybe he just didn’t want to take on a new friend after all. Anyway, I’m not angry and I’m not sad about it. My Mother mentions him still. At least he has taken up some of the space in her mind where she used to keep Todd, my ex husband. She mentions him a lot less which I am glad for. At times she makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me because I don’t have much interest in keeping in touch or thinking about him (Todd, I mean).

So that’s it for tonight. Most of the people I liked on Canadian Idol were sent home tonight. It may sound miserly but I don’t know if I will still have enough interest to watch the final 10 now. I especially liked Nancy. We were playing cards while it was on but it seemed she was one of those sent home tonight. Of the guys I liked Jeremy who was sent home early on and then Keith who was sent packing tonight.

Good night, where ever you are. Sappy dreams.

Note: Edit undo is your friend. This whole post nearly elimidated itself. I was only able to bring it back from extinction with edit undo. Luckily, cause I’m too tired to start a new blab.

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