Is It Just a Processed Food Fad?

The processed food fad is more than a fad. Yet, I wonder if we will end up not having fast food as we see it now but artificial food such as that created for astronauts. Food which contains the ‘right’ ingredients, processed and preserved to last for years, decades even. All the body needs without the actual need to chew. What did we really need all those teeth for anyway?

Maybe taste will cease to matter. Great for people who want to change their diet, avoid foods they crave.

We have less farm land to grow/ produce food and yet more people who want to eat it? What will people be eating in the future? There are all sorts of speculations about that.

“The flavor module in my RepliCater 9000 is fried and the print head’s gone. All I’m getting is tasteless goop.”

“I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with your RepliCater unit. I’ve scheduled a service call within 72 hours. Can you access any whole foods?”

Three days without real food? Outrageous! What do they think he is? An animal?

via Zoe Goodacre: Scratch The Surface And We’re All Paleo Animals [100 Words Into The Future] – Forbes.

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