Is GoogleMe a Reality?

How nice that rhymes. Anyway, there is talk about a new thing coming from Google, competition for Facebook, maybe. They say it will be called GoogleMe. Here is what I wrote in a comment about the idea for GoogleMe at Regular Geek.

Google is on the wrong path if they target LinkedIn as a style for GoogleMe. Facebook is the model they should use. LinkedIn is pretty stagnant as far as I am concerned. Meanwhile Facebook continues to grow no matter what is said about it’s security and privacy of information. It’s those damned game applications in my experience. I can’t ever login in there without having a dozen or so invitations to join and requests to send cows and etc. Most come from relatives I hardly see otherwise. Anyway, GoogleMe should be geared down to the masses rather than geared to the professional types who want to connect socially in a professional way. If they design GoogleMe for the casual user they could have a real winner and competetion for Facebook in reality.

TechCrunch posted about GoogleMe and I commented:

I don’t see Google going casual enough to attract the Facebook market. Facebook works for people who are not professionals but just connect socially, play addicting and useless games and collect things. It is out of Google’s usual market and not their style.

Also, I noticed there is a business already using GoogleMe as their name. As an interesting sidenote.

Mashable, Wired, and PC World have posts about GoogleMe too.

What do you think? How should GoogleMe work if they want to compete with Facebook? What would it take to knock Facebook off it’s throne or at least shake them up a good bit?

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