Inventive Ideas in Coffee Drinking

I went out for a latte this evening. I really like those Cinnamon Dolce lattes at Starbucks. Before now I had given up on Starbucks for coffee. It seemed all the lattes were just sweet and kind of gritty. Even the Gingerbread latte was nothing like it had been. But, now I have a fetish for Cinnamon Dolce.

While I was there I noticed a little display of green stick things. On the side of the case it explained these were sticks to prevent your coffee from spilling out of the little hole in the coffee lid, for those who take their coffee to go. I picked one up and gave it a try. One thing I did think was a draw back, it’s plastic – non-recyclable. Also, I wondered if I would get burned by hot coffee when I put the lid on my cup if I had plugged up the only outlet for the steam. So I avoided the problem and kept it out until the lid was on tightly enough.

The display for the sticks suggested anyone with ideas could contact Starbucks with their inventions/ ideas. The site was It actually opens at a different link, a subdomain of another site. Some ideas are posted to the site, though most are suggestions to bring back things and other assorted feedback. If you keep reading you find some real inventive ideas.

What is your inventive idea for coffee drinking? Not especially geared to Starbucks but any of the fancy coffee retail chains. Give it some thought, I know you’ve got something stirring around up there.

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