International Wenches Guild

International Wenches Guild

The International Wenches Guild is the brainchild of Lars Lunde (Official Guild Scribe) and Patti Falzarano (National Grande Madame); it began at the New York Renaissance Faire in the summer of 1995.

What began essentially as a local club intended to give some vague sense of order to the various wenches all over that Faire site rapidly turned into an organization stretching across North America, with a present membership of over 2000 women.

The Guild is not a political organization, due to the varied beliefs among our members. As a result, we avoid any volatile political topics, such as abortion, simply because we often have members on both sides of the argument and it would be unfair to rally the Guild for one side or the other. We do, however, hold certain beliefs that could be construed as political, such as an absolute abhorrence for domestic violence of any kind and a healthy respect for the environment and for all living things.

Membership in the Guild is open to all interested parties; we even boast a few men in our ranks. Membership includes a pewter pin with the Guild logo on it, a “License to Wench”e, a membership card, The Little Brown Book (soon going into its third printing and expanding into two volumes, the Official Guide and a separate songbook), a stack of regular “free kiss” cards and a stack of special “free kiss” cards. Men who think this idea is interesting but are wondering why there isn’t something similar for guys can contact our brother organization, The International Brotherhood of Rogues, Scoundrels and Cads. Men who are interested in more involvement with the Wench’s Guild can talk to any IWG member about getting nominated into the Loyal Order of Himbos.

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