Inside with the Spyware During the So Called Pandemic

I’ve been staying at my sister’s house so my Mother and brother could have their 14 day quarantine in the house I usually live in. Well, this is the end of the third week. No one is sick. Other than the usual allergies and eczema I get when I am here.

So, why does the world, Canada in particular because that is where I live, under this lengthy quarantine without end? If people either have the virus or not in two weeks… simple mathematics would tell you we don’t need to shut down an entire country for an endless amount of time.

I’m sure something else is behind this. Time will tell. Meanwhile we are forced to endure the nonsense. Social pressure and government power mongering, likely marketing related in some way. What are they hiding while they tell us to stay out their way. Or, are we placed just where they want us, indoors and vulnerable with technology created as spyware.

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