Inland Seagulls

Seagulls will come inland when there is a storm coming. As we live near a bay and another small body of water on the other side of us we tend to hear the seagulls before and after storms. Even though they are not so well thought of and have become a nuisance in places where food is served outside, I still like seagulls.

When I hear the seagulls in the morning as I am waking up, especially on weekends, I think they have a lonely echoing cry. If I wrote a story about the day after the end of civilization I’m sure there would be seagulls crying as I opened my eyes from the disaster the day before. What sound effects would be in your day after story? Take some time to think about it, as if you were writing the scene for a book you have already written and are just adding the polishing touches to now.

Wikipedia: Gull – Information about seagulls and a link to seagull sounds at the bottom of the page.

Flickr: Seagulls – Active group for posting photos of seagulls.

Seagull FAQ

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