What if you lived in one of those TV ads? The kind which sell offers only available on TV. The kind which always give you several payments plus shipping and handling. You also get a second package absolutely free. An infomercial.

What if you were one of those perpetual perky people? I think they make them take a pill that plasters a smile on their face and makes them so high they believe everything they say. Everything becomes Just Great! Fabulous! and Amazing!

Kind of scary.

Have you ever really watched one of those advertisment shows and looked at their faces? I think they all look kind of desperate. As if they would be screaming for help if only they could.

Just be glad you’re not in an informercial. Try to avoid that whole situation. But, if you do get sucked in send me something semi-useful. I’ve always thought the kitchen gadgets were kind of tempting…

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