Indie Weekly Challenge

250 words regarding:

In your job as a tree trimmer, you’ve encountered oddities before. But nothing like this morning when you split a dying elm over on Regality Drive and found a solid stone axe embedded in its heart. It’s covered in sharply engraved Nordic runes. Translated, the runic carvings read: whosoever wields this blade shall conquer time.

Trees grow tall with huge, thick trunks along Regality Drive. I was a tree trimmer there. After I found that Viking time traveling stone axe in the trunk of a dying elm I bought myself one of those houses.

I love time travel. I decorated with real Canadiana antiques, new ones. I have the best oak dining table. I know the man who made it, went back for his funeral too.

Time travel is something everyone should do, if they could. Though that would be really dangerous and likely mess up everything. It’s really a good thing I’m the only one with the power. I fix things. I suppose I’m a bit biased. Who wouldn’t be. I don’t think I have quite a god complex yet though.

I once went very far forward. It never came to an end. That was nice to know. Earth survives, people don’t. I’m still deciding about having a family and kids of my own. It would be nice, at times. Yet, what is the point? I will always be here. Likely they’d find my axe and expect me to let them time travel too. I’m not going to share. It’s mine. I got it from the trees and I will keep it that way.

Best of all, the trees will live. I’ve made very sure of that. Eventually the human civilization had to fall anyway. Right? It will be just me and the trees and I think I will like it that way just fine.

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