Indie Bloggers Weekly Challenge

Weekly Challenge Prompt #004: Wednesday, March 21 – 11:59 Tuesday, March 28.

300 words regarding:
You get really drunk on a cruise and wake up alone in your room wearing a Bahamian police uniform and a red cowboy hat. The door to your balcony is open and there is a midget’s tux on the chair. Security is pounding on your door.

“You get it Henry.” I shoved the midget to the door side of the bed and pulled the cowboy hat down over my eyes, shading out the sun coming in from the windows.

“I’m not getting it.” Henry moaned.

“It wasn’t enough that you had to pee on their damned cat… no…. you had to burn all my clothes while I was skinny dipping in their pool. It’s your fault I had to walk off with the police uniform. I’m so not impressed with you right now.”

The pounding at the door continued. I wondered if they would eventually just shoot their way in. Last night was so different. ‘Yes, Miss’ and ‘No Miss’ and ‘could you take off your clothes and go for a swim so I can win a bet Miss’… Men were all the same. Snots!

“Henry, get the bloody door! They probably want to know where you left the police car and then they’ll just leave us… well, me… alone.”

“I’m not answering that. They liked you but they weren’t so sweet to me. You just want to get rid of me.”

“You took the car, it wasn’t my idea. Did you really think they wouldn’t notice? Being short doesn’t make you invisible.”

“I’m going to be sick.” Moaned Henry.

I wasn’t about to stick around for more. I’d never gotten drunk before, I wasn’t going to do it, or Henry again. My room was next door, all I had to do was transport myself there. I took off the uniform, wrapped a towel around myself, climbed out onto the hotel balcony and wished myself good luck before climbing along the ledge.

Then I had the hottest, best shower of my life.

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