Indie Bloggers #23 – Hole to China

Indie Blogger Weekly Challenge #23

Up to 250 words regarding: As a sewer inspector in Milwaukee, you’re used to roaches, rats, the occasional alligator. You’re a pro. But today was different. 135 feet into a 3×5 tunnel, alone, you find:

That famous (infamous?) hole to China which kids have been trying to dig for countless generations. I always expected to find it on some beach, in a garden or backyard. Last place I would have expected to see someone had finally succeeded in digging a hole to China would be in the sewers.

I jumped in. It was a long drop, I did wonder about the landing but once I was falling it was too late to really worry much about it. Halfway down it got unbearably hot and humid. I think I passed out for part of the trip then. I woke up and I was there, in China.

I did get a great Chinese food lunch. Getting back turned out to be really tough. I couldn’t find any Chinese kids who had dug a hole to Canada yet.

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