Indie Blogger WC: Cat Feet

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You wake up and your feet are gone. No wounds, no pain, no explanation. You manage to get through it for a couple of weeks until, one day, they’re back. Only they’re worn a little, rougher, and the wrong size. And now you walk funny. Often, you start off to go to work or the store and hours later snap out of a daydream and find yourself miles from where you meant to be.

At first it was kind of aggravating and expensive to pay for all those extra bus tickets to get home. Then, once I began changing from the feet up, well, it was certainly different. Not quite the life I was used to. But, being a cat isn’t so bad. I get to wander all I ever could have wanted or dreamed of. I’ve seen places I never would have known about when I was still 5’4″ and walking upright. Opposable thumbs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be either, claws are pretty terrific – once you get used to being a bit careful about scratching your nose.

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