Important Tip for Content Curators

My biggest and most important tip for digital content curators is… don’t get sloppy!

  • Pick an image to go with the content and make sure it’s the right one, suitable. If not, don’t use an image.
  • Use the site name, give the site owner credit for the content you are curating. Don’t add your own keywords in place. That’s sloppy, ungrateful and *sploggy!
  • Add a description, especially if there is no image to give some explanation about the link, it’s contents/ purpose.
  • Add a title. A real title, not keywords or Twitter hashtags.
  • Check spelling and basic grammar. Don’t use too many short forms, it makes you and your content look sloppy and cheap.
  • Don’t just add anything. Use some discrimination, add quality content, not quantity.

* Splog – A spam blog. A blog existing to run ads, offering no content of it’s own.

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