Still not moved. Just keeping track, score, or other.

Why did I stay up all night tonight? To make sure I put out the garbage early enough this morning. I waited till it was light enough so I could see skunks and other creatures who co-habitate in the area. Skunks, raccoons and possums aren’t just in the city.

Now, it’s nearly 8:30 and my brain is shutting down and though the garbage is out there on time (an hour early even) the garbage people have not come to pick it up.

Why are they on time on the days I don’t get it out there by 7:00am. How do they know which days I’m late and which days I’m early. It’s really not polite of them, at all.

Good Morning. I’m going to nap. Some days it’s good to be unemployed (I mean freelancing).

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