I’m the Answer… Just Ask Me

I am officially the answer to the meaning of life or life the universe and everything. You’d think I would remember but… when you get old you forget. 42 isn’t quite so new and shiny any more. I think I’m going to have to stop plucking the grey strands of hair out of my head soon and just decide to colour or not to colour. When I was 14 I decided I wouldn’t colour my hair. That was a long time ago. I’ve revised my opinion.

So how does it feel to be the answer to life the universe and everything? Not too bad actually. It could be worse.

Of course, it does mean Christmas is also officially upon us. I didn’t end up putting up the tree and now I’m going to be away so it will remain vacuum sealed (not quite) for another year. It must be getting kind of yucky smelling in it’s box, never seeing the light of day or getting a bit of air to brush away the cobwebs. Of well, it will survive, it’s plastic. Like the bugs it will outlive us all.

I am still awake and thinking of things to pack and how to pack them. It’s 2:31 AM by my not so reliable clock. I am to meet my brother at the Scarborough Town Centre at 10:00 AM. The funny thing is I could leave now if the place were open. There wouldn’t be any coffee though. I’d likely sit there in the dark for hours and fall asleep finally out of boredom.

I like being out early. I’m sure I have mentioned that somewhere in here. Saying it at all is just a refresher for anyone who happened to pop in for a quickie. Of course, now that I’m 42 I probably need help remembering too. Should I make a list of my likes and dislikes in case I get overly feeble minded this year?

Although, this should be a really good year you would think. How often do you get to be something Monty Python thought was the answer to everything? It only happens once in a lifetime, if you stuck around this long. Face it, who really thinks getting old is great, it’s just better than the other option (by a long shot).

Some things are good about being 40-something. It’s different from the other decades. I feel like a different person at times. But, I wonder if 30-something wasn’t the best of all. It’s a shame you can’t pick out the brain parts you like ahead of time and keep them with the other brain parts you liked from earlier in your life. That would make me a super brain of course. I’m sure there would be no living with me then. I’d be really full of myself.

I still need to whip through a few more dishes. I decided to wash all the pots and pans and put them away all clean and sparkly before I go. I don’t know why. Is it a sign of early dementia or alzheimers or something else I’ve forgotten how to spell?

Oh well. I’m here. This is the start of year 42 if you’re interested in measuring the whole thing. Why would you though? Get a life!

I am taking the camera, just so you are warned there will be more family photos once I am back. I’m sure you will be biting your nails in anticipation. Try not to hold your breath, that would make the nail biting a lot harder.

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