I’m Still Here

Nope, still not moved.

Today we are going down to visit the Newmarket clan. Roxanne (3) is having a soccer game. Have you ever watched toddlers play soccer? It would make anyone feel cheered up, no matter what else is going on in your life at the time.

It’s a tough day for asthma today, the humidity is not any friend of mine. But I’m doing ok, no plans to run any marathons.

Not much news to post. Not even any amusing thoughts lately. I’m just posting so someone doesn’t get the idea to post an RIP sticker on my blog and call me done. I’m not done, I’m just not here. I miss my own computer. The saddest thing is that I am still paying Netscape to be my ISP even though I have not used it for over a month now. If their modem hadn’t fried everything would be fine.

Anyway, I won’t stick with Netscape when I finally move. I’m going to do Bell Sympatico. You can commence telling me all your horror stories about what a lousy ISP they are now.

Zack has been home again a few days. He even felt happy enough that he asked to stay, full time again. But, right now my Mom is talking to my sister and there was some other problem. They are doing the violent games conversation again. It amazes me that people will talk and not do anything concrete about the problem. They still give in and buy him the games, the books and let him watch the movies which they know are the problem. It’s easier for them. Plus, they are now going to begin medicating him, cause that’s easier too. Drug the boy rather than change your own life.

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