I’m Posting this with ScribeFire

ScribeFireI’ve tried ScribeFire before. I just didn’t stick with it long enough to find it useful. This time around I’m going to try to give it more time and patience for the learning and setting up process.

Do you use third party software for your online writing/ blogging or web site publishing? I avoid a lot of it. More stuff just makes things complicated and confusing – for me anyway. Keep it simple is one of my favourite mottos.

My first impression of ScribeFire this time around was not great. The site has no updates since 2011. That makes me suspect it is a project which faded out along the way. But, so far it seems to be working. I don’t see spellcheck popping up yet though. I know myself enough to know spellcheck has saved me from hundreds of typos. When spellcheck lights up I (usually) listen.

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