I’m a Horrible Moody Bitch Today.

How does it work? I go out of my way to be a good friend, a pleasant person in general and yet, I’m always alone at the end of the day. Here I am, alone again. Sitting in a house with ghosts for company. When I need a friend I’m alone. I must have done something really wretched in a past life. I hope I had a hell of a good time doing what ever it was. I’m tired of this life of striving to be good and never having anything good for it all. What is the point to being a good person? At the end of my life I’ll just be alone in a dirt hole. How will it be any different from today, right now. I’m tired of being good to people. Let them all rot. Eventually they will, and what will any of it matter?

There are times, moments, when I feel like I’m on the edge of figuring it all out. Then something comes up and gets in the way. So, I never quite figure it all out. Eventually, I will. I’ll catch up to myself, tap myself on the shoulder and say, “You’ve been doing it all wrong.”

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