If I Could Keep Time in a Bottle…

I’ve been looking at new digi cameras this morning. I should be working of course. but I don’t go into work till 3:30 and I’m slacking off all the other work this morning.

Nice to be looking at new cameras. I was at the Staples site and found two which interest me. Nice to have a goal in mind to work for while I’m at work. Not all the calls are yelling. Last Thursday was the worst. Even some of those aggressive types wind down and apologize often enough. I do understand the frustration of dealing with the big companies and trying to get your cable TV working… but… I’m just some schmuck trying to make a pay cheque so I can buy a used car and a new digi camera.

Anyway, not a day where I am accomplishing a whole lot. So far.

I did go online to the Min. of Transport and change the address on my driver’s license. That was a good thing. I even got my Mom’s license and did hers too. I really should get something else done. I’m working on it. Still a couple of hours before I need to think about catching the bus.

I want to write an article about rural exploring, or at least a query letter for an article about rural exploration. I’m aiming for Chatelaine and Canadian Living. Wouldn’t one of them just LOVE my pictures of abandoned farm houses along with a blab about finding them and taking the photos? Surely they are just waiting, drooling, at the chance to pick up an article like mine. I hope.

While I’m at work I think of all kinds of things to write about when I get home. But we can’t keep any paper and pens on the floor so I can’t make any notes for myself. By the time I get back here and sit down to write I can’t remember a thing. I’ve had some interesting ideas and deep thoughts. Too bad you missed them all.

So, I should get with the plan. The day is passing along. Time isn’t going to freeze just for me.

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