If Google’s Panda Bit you Bite Back

HubPages CEO on Googles Panda algorithm: SEO doesnt work!!! | ZDNet.

As I was reading this post I got that too familiar feeling. The one where I wonder who made Google a God. Then I remember, the spammers. Spammer being short form for get-rich-quick bloggers and others.

Google is going to do what makes money for them. They have a lot of staff with a lot of great benefits and the promise of retirement in their own mansion on Google Island. So, Google isn’t here to be nice and fix how content is produced, published and promoted on the Internet. Google’s motives are not so altruistic as you may assume. Google sells ads. Did you read that the first time? If not, read it again.

Google sells ads. Google sells ads, on your site. You let them. Every few years you might even make the $100 limit to earn a payout from Google. Wow! Quit your full time job for that one!

Why do people take Google so seriously? Sure there are a few who do make enough money from Google to become ‘professional bloggers’. The keyword there (for you keyword lovers) is not money, it’s FEW.

So, what to do… what to do… what to do…. How about finding another solution? Skip Google – Google will be fine without you worrying about them and trying to cater to them. Google will be just fine without you.

Before Google people were looking at other methods to make money online. There were an assortment of ideas out there in trial stages. Since Google rose up and found itself put on a pedestal and made a God, most of those other methods and ideas have been neglected and passed over.

I’m not going to list the ones I remember or try to track down the few which are still left. The key is to think differently. Stand on your own feet and slowly back away from the Google mentality. Consider better ideas for making money online. Go back to the BG (before Google) days and consider what you have to offer to people who are selling products and services.

For instance, have you ever contacted a business and asked if they would like to buy ad space on your site? Try it. You will need to come up with a plan, statistics and information about your publishing schedule, your readers, your commenters and how your site is distributed. Look at other publishers, offline. How do they sell themselves to advertisers?

Your site is your own microworld, which you control. There is no reason you can’t become more than yet another blogger working for Google. Stand on your own feet, take the reins of control and sell ads on your site – just like any other print publisher. Of course, there will be differences, due to your format, your web medium, the audience you can reach, and so on.

However, rather than get bitten by Google’s Panda bear, take the other option and DIY. If enough people stopped catering to Google and began to do it themselves the entire web could change. The entire way business is done could evolve, again.

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