If a Tree Falls on Your House, Stay Calm. It Will Grow Back

dutchdudesharkWhat would we do without comment spammers telling us how great our blogs are….

Anyway, today I read a Twitter post in the spirit of “stay calm”. I lost track of the original so I can’t post it here. (It was a promotion for a book with a title about sharks).

But, I thought of my own.

If a tree falls on your house, stay calm. It will grow back.

I like that kind of twisted humour. Can you think of at least one ironic “stay calm” line? The tree idea was easy for me. There really is a tree I’m worried about falling on this house.

If there are sharks in the water, stay calm. Usually, they only bite once.
If you get electrocuted, stay calm. You won’t be billed extra for it.
If your week starts out badly, stay calm. There are only 52 of them in a year.

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