I Wish to Order Pizza and Cake

Pizza with a nice crust (not one of those thin ones that tastes like a stick) and chicken and loads of vegetables on it. A really steaming hot pizza with mozarella cheese.

I really need to find a job… I have so many great ways to spend money it’s just nonsense to be working so hard at not spending it. Unfair to my mental health.

Now, back to that pizza. Light on the sauce and high on the gooey cheese and chunky vegetables not cooked into an unrecognizable mush of veggie-ness. Mmmmm I want to taste it now. I even know how to order it online and I even still have enough cash in my purse to pay for it when it gets here.

Of course, I’d have to actually get dressed today. I’m so lazy… I should make myself clean the floors as punishment. They do need to be cleaned. Too bad the last maid disappeared, most likely one of the dust bunnies got her. Poor kid.

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