I was a Wicked, Evil Temptress

Posting early in the morning is like cheating, packing two days into one. I like it. A bit of cheating can be a good thing. At least I don’t feel like I’m a complete hopeless goodie goodie. That would be sickening. This way I can still be friendly, optimistic, honest (but for the odd bit of cheating and lies) and not feel like a dork. Nice grrls get treated like mindless doormats if they let it happen. It seems people think anyone nice is also dense and gullible. I am not foolhardy. I will lie and cheat, just a bit. Just enough to keep myself from being easy. Easily fooled that is.

Even so it is funny when someone realizes I lied. They always look so surprised. Stunned even. It makes me laugh, inside my head where no one can hear. They really do think I’m such a goodie goodie. Fooled them!

People get caught up in the stereotypes they create for other people. I’m nice therefor I’m easily fooled and I can always be trusted. Morons! True, most of the time, at least 99% I am good and honest and all that stuff. It’s that extra 1% that keeps me sane. Otherwise how could I live with myself.

Once upon a time in a land pretty much forgotten now with IM’s running rampant, there was IRC (Internet Relay Chat) I was a queen of my own realm there. I let my wild grrl out of the closet and I did very bad things. Evil and wicked even. I hung out with other wild women and we were nasty to the pigs… I mean, men on the IRC channels. Oh sure, there were a few we allowed to be friends and not get tormented. Just a few, we didn’t go overboard on the being nice or ladylike thing. Of course, I was not really good at being extremely evil. Being a virgin was a hindrance. Not because I never had intimacy but because I didn’t know the basic mechanics of the whole thing. So, sometimes I had guidance from the rest of the pack. They didn’t mind. Although only two actually knew I was a 30 year old virgin.

It was really interesting play truth or dare on IRC. Men loved to ask raunchy questions and see how they could trip me up. Not that they knew… they just noticed I was a bit less technically plain spoken and because of this I very seldom picked a truth question. I couldn’t hardly answer them, could I? Unless they asked about something I could do by myself. That I knew about quite well. That isn’t what they usually asked though. So, I picked a dare. They liked that too. Other men must have heard about us, we had quite a following. They really did invent some daring dares. I did most of them. Some were foolish and a fool should be fooled if he is that bloody stupid. Sure I ran outside naked… no sorry I don’t own a web cam or any other kind of photo software… what a shame… Poor drooling male.

I miss IRC and my days as a wicked, evil, temptress. I don’t miss the men. Hard to miss them when they never left, just changed venues. I think they are all on the free online dating sites now. If they are anywhere else I’m just not seeing them. I don’t do the online chat stuff any more. I never did like IM’s. I don’t want people thinking I’m available 24 hours a day. When I check email I’m available, not before. Still, I wonder about the other women I knew then. Whatever became of Liz from Australia who moved to the US and was battling cancer last time I heard from her. Then there was Vixen who met men and had them all falling in love with her but she never wanted to do anything real with them. She was an online grrl only. Those are the two I most remember of the women. I think of a couple of the men who were friends but I’m sure they moved along. I hope so. There were a lot of lonely people there and that was more than 10 years ago. A long time to feel outside and alone.

Maybe some of this online dating hell is fate snapping back on me after all my wicked ways towards those trolls on IRC. But I don’t really think so. The women on the chat were there for romance, mostly all of them wanted to find someone to love them, be there with them eventually. The men however were all leading with their cocks. I never met one who was really sincere about wanting to meet and get to know a woman, other than parts of her: breasts, pussy and etc. That’s why we were so mean really. It got to be sickening how shallow and perverted and selfish they all were. Some women needed to help balance things out and torture the piss out of them. We made it a game to see which of us could piss the trolls off the most and the fastest. I did pretty well. Not sure I was the best, but I did have fun laughing where only the other wicked women could see.

I’m putting this out there, like a message in a bottle. Maybe one of those women will see it and remember those days on IRC when I was SheDragon and they were… I’d tell you but that would be cheating. 😉

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