I Think We’re Alone Now

You see a woman eating alone in a busy restaurant. What does she look like, how is she dressed? Picture her in your mind. Is she older, middle aged or a young woman? What is her story? Did someone stand her up? Is she a quiet person who prefers to be alone? Is she just having a quick bite before she goes home to a house full of family? How do you see her and what expectations do you get from seeing a woman alone in a restaurant?

What changes if the person is a man? Do you get a different feeling, different assumptions and different expectations about a man eating alone?

Do either of them bring something to read? What are they reading, does the man read a newspaper while the woman tends to read a novel?

It is interesting how we perceive people. I like to compare men to women too, cause we always see each one differently even when they are doing the same thing.

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