I Smell Like Tuna

I’ve been eating a lot of tuna (and some tomato soup) lately. I think I am starting to smell like tuna. Time for a change. It’s not easy coming up with something else though. Most low cal food is not all that interesting or tasty to begin with. A lot of it is pricey too, if you go with the Weight Watchers brand or the new no name, low cal options the grocery stores are marketing.

I would love to have something chocolate. I’m craving it here, when I’m not out. I seldom bring any home though cause I just know I will eat it all. Not much chance I will save some for the next day. Luckily I only buy a tiny bit of anything, not a vat as I would really love to have around.

Anyway, I need to find something other than tuna now. I’ve gone past the point of no return with fish in general I think, at least the affordable kind that come in a handy tin can. Salmon was the year before last. I did lose about 40 pounds but I think half of that came back once my Mom was back from Florida. We are not good for each other in that way. We both like the good things in life like eating out and chocolate. So unfair that they cause plumpness in women. (Men too but that’s THEIR problem, I can only deal with so much at one time).

On Monday if we don’t have the freezing rain they are threatening I will go out and explore the grocery store for new ideas in diet food. Oh joy, I love self torture.

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