I Read it in Reader’s

As read in an old Reader’s Digest while waiting somewhere:

My husband was a university student, and money was tight for our family of seven. We were attending a friend’s wedding and our four-year-old daughter, Christy, was sitting next to me.

When the minister asked, “Do you take this man for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health?” our daughter turned to me and said in a loud whisper, “You picked ‘poorer’, didn’t you, Mom?”

Communication is so easily misunderstood. Sometimes it is something to laugh at, but not always. A small change in punctuation in the written word can mean a lot. In spoken language we have more to rely on with body language and tone and yet it is easier to mis-hear the words or give them our own interpretation with “select hearing” and other human failings.

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