I Like My Insanity with a Side of Vinegar

Just so you know…

I have not moved. I have not started seriously dating anyone. I did not meet the married guy and I am re-thinking that whole plan.

My brother’s birthday is June 9th and we are having a party at a downtown (Toronto) pub. I’m not a pub person. I don’t really like the bar atmosphere at all. At least no one is allowed to smoke any more. That will make the whole experience a lot easier to take. I hated the smoke, darkness, noise and drunkenness. At least one of those is gone.

The moving- move me not thing is grating on me. Actually, I have some form of insanity that makes that not so bad. I can ignore it all and just sort of pretend it’s not really there.

It’s the other people involved who make me feel insane. I can cope with constant minor disasters. I am tired of coping with my Mother and brother who keep springing with new insanity, insisting that I pack up everything to be ready to move at the drop of a hat. (This hat seems to be welded on to something and it’s not dropping). Then they think I’m not serious about moving. They are in near full panic mode about everything and things I had not even thought of worrying about. Small things and big things like lightbulbs, the size of the shower and getting a ready-made job.

I wish they would come down with the same procrastination deadline fever I seem to have. It would be much less stressful. Until the final day of course when the hat comes unglued and the bottom drops out of the world. But, that’s not happening today.

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