I Fixed My Yahoo! Account

Yahoo! Contributor NetworkI think… I finally got my Yahoo! account problem sorted out. By myself, with the additional help of the automatic bots. Yahoo! support was no help. Thanks for the all the form mails. NOT!

Anyway, the problem has been that I could not login to Yahoo! Contributor and I would like to be writing there. But, each time I tried to login I was told I already have an account on another Yahoo! account/ profile. This was frustrating because I could not merge the two accounts.

Yes, it would have been simple to just use the new account which was linked to Contributor BUT I use my Flickr account a lot and that was on the older Yahoo! account. So each time I would go to Flickr I would have to login again and then lose the other account which was kind of dorky and had a password too complicated for a human brain to remember.

So, this morning I decided to try again. First, I found the Yahoo! account look up. You just type in your email address and it will send you any account associated with that email address. Great. It sent me back 3 things, 2 were accounts and one was an email address at YMail. A bit confusing but I’m not a web newbie so I figured it out.

So, I went to Flickr and read the options with my account there. Very near the bottom it has an option to change the Yahoo! account associated with your Flickr account. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to do this before. I also don’t know why any of the support people at Yahoo! didn’t suggest this – likely none of them actually bothered to read my email because the replies they sent all came out of the same can.

Anyway, it is all working beautifully now. The one thing I did have to do was make sure I had closed all the web browser windows which I still had open using the old Yahoo! account. That was mucking things up until I realized I had missed one.

I also reactivated the Yahoo! email account which I had set up for that newer account. So, a bit complicated but situation resolved! Finally!

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