I Don’t Want to Go to Work Today

I’m tired of being nice. Six hours in a sauna (no air conditioning) is not for me. Plus, I’d really rather go back to bed and rest my brain. Something else has happened with the family bunch. Mom was going to email me but she hasn’t. I could phone but sometimes this period of time of not knowing is kind of nice, to be enjoyed a few hours longer. Anyway, I’m usually the last to know. Living so far out of the city bites. I doubt I will ever like this town or this house. The renovations are stalled, not one room is actually done. We still have half a kitchen, no sink yet. I tried meeting men online but it’s so worthless. I can’t accept that there is not one guy out there (at least) who is just fricking normal and wants someone else in his life. Being alone is not great all the time. So far every guy is some type of dickhead. It would be a nice change to meet a guy who can think with the brain above his waist. Or maybe I just need to stop thinking or caring. I need a vacation from everything. Could I win one somehow? I’ve run out of things I’m willing to sell or return. I have to phone my Mom now. I’m worried that someone else has died now.

Toodle loo!

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