I Don’t Know Why I…

I don’t know why I haven’t thrown out the jerk who isn’t paying his rent. His name is Peter, he moved in here over a year ago. The deal was he could stay free in exchange for working around the house. We needed a lot of things done. Many of them are still not done but somewhere along the way Peter decided he could just stay here and not bother with the work part. So, in October we changed the rules. He was supposed to pay $300 a month, very cheap rent for a basement apartment. But, in three months he has paid a total of $160.00 I have paid every bill, kept the house going.

I’m so angry right now. Here it is December, the month of Christmas and my birthday. I would really like to do something fun, even go out for a birthday lunch and order an Irish coffee, something! But I can’t cause jerk bag hasn’t paid any rent. All my money has gone into a few groceries, gas for the car and bills for the house. Jerk bag makes a LOT more money than I do. He doesn’t pay child support for his two kids but he does choose to smoke like a chimney.

He does not get it at all. He is making choices, choosing other things over paying rent. I had it all set in my mind to throw him out this weekend. I was going to tell him I don’t want to see his face again. He didn’t even shovel the driveway this week, which is the very least he could do. Empty promises, he’s full of them. So, why didn’t I throw him out? I really don’t know. Maybe I’m just that wimpy but I think I’m just too angry and if I told him to get out I wouldn’t be very nice and bad things would pour out of my mouth. I’m not exactly feeling neutral or full of Christmas cheer at this point.

Anyway, it’s my birthday on Monday. I think I am going to tell him something about how I’ve sacrificed my Xmas holiday and my birthday to pay bills/ rent. How I am paying for each shower he takes, the heat he enjoys, etc. Urrrggggghhhh! Is it really evil to wish he’d just disappear in a semi violent manner? Would it be too wicked scrape my keys down the side of his van, perhaps spelling out the word ‘jerk bag’?

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