I Did the Chairs!

Here I am to entertain you. Please look amused. Humour me.

Today I recovered (reupholstered) two kitchen chairs. It was something I haven’t really done before. I’ve repaired them, adding a couple of staples. But, this time I took them apart and added new fabric and then came the fun part of finding the old screw holes to put them back together. They look great, now that they’re done. I recovered them using a medium blue shade of denim. The chairs are white enamel so they have that dresden look. I really only like blue when it’s paired with white, dresden style.

I posted to the other blog (on Blogger) about a set of blue ceramic containers I found. There was a salt and pepper shaker on Ebay tonight that match the containers, same maker and style. I would like to get them, if they are not chipped. I’ve never bought through Ebay before and I’m not sure what the procedure is and how it works for shipping and payment. I emailed the owner of the shakers to get more information. So it will be a learning experience.

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