Howl for Your Life

“If you live among wolves you have to howl like a wolf.” – Russian proverb.

Out in the wilderness, the deep forest there are wolves, bears and cougars. You hear the bleeting of their prey as the predators close in. You, are one of the wolves. Last week you suddenly became a werewolf and have been living the life of the predator to the fullest. It’s been a wild adventure, it still is. Although you had been almost a vegetarian before now, the hunt, the chase and the raw meat have now become one of your passions in life.

That night however, you change back into a human. Wild woves surround you… first they sniff you suspiciously. You still smell like their packmate but you don’t look like a wolf. You don’t stand like a wolf either so you quickly kneel down and try to fit in again.

You can’t though. It’s just not possible. The only thing you can do is howl, howl like you’ve never howled before and hope that is enough for them to take you in again, as one of their own, just different.

What do you think of as you howl for your life?

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