How to Write a Romantic Valentine

Make a list of things you like about your Valentine. Think of complimentary things to say. What do they like about themselves? Did they do something you really like lately? Does your Valentine have a smile that lights up the room? Does your Valentine make you feel happy just to see him or her? Compliments don’t have to be complicated. Just write about how your Valentine makes you feel.

How will you write the Valentine? Poetry or letter style? There are many types of poetry to choose from: rhymes, haiku, limericks and others. You could even turn it into a short story with a “Once upon a time” and a “Happlily ever after”.

Suggest a romantic encounter for Valentines Day. Or remember a past day you had together and suggest a repeat or something similar.

Hand write your Valentine. Use your best penmanship, maybe coloured pens. Draw hearts and other romantic images with pencil crayons. Choose fancy stationery or a store bought card with lots of room to write inside.

End your Valentine with “Happy Valentines Day” or something more inspired. Sign your name. Add some hugs and kisses with x’s and o’s.

Think of little extras like your cologne or perfume (just a touch, don’t drench it), maybe some Valentine stickers, tape some artificial flowers to the envelope once you seal the note inside. You could add a gift certificate to somewhere you both enjoy as a suggestion to meet there on Valentines Day. Add a photo of the two of you together if you have one.

How will you deliver the Valentine? Left on the doorstep (in a plastic baggie so the snow doesn’t get it wet)? Delivered yourself with a kiss, a hug or a sexy smile? Included in flowers or chocolates or some other special gift? Maybe something more exotic involving freshly washed sheets or luxurious bath bubbles?

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