How to Write a Postcard

asciipostcardsI’m writing a post about postcards on HubPages. I found a couple of links where someone had written about writing postcards. A nice idea. So here are a collection of tips for writing postcards.

Write about how you got there, the journey so far. Are you going by bus, driving yourself or did you fly in?

What was the first thing you did when you got into town (the city, etc.)?

Did you find a great place for coffee, a burger, breakfast..?

What are you doing right now. Literally, right at this moment?

Write about something that really stood out. A really funny, bad, silly, delicious, spontaneous event along your travels.

If you don’t want to write at all, draw something. Illustrate your adventures. Use stick figures, draw cartoon characters, or an all out great masterpiece.

Finish off with the traditional “Wish you were here” or something far more stylish and personal.

From Slouching Somewhere:

  • First, pick a postcard. Pick one that’s unexpected–from the shape to the image.
  • When you write about the place, write beyond what’s on the photo.
  • Write about the food you ate.
  • Throw a little bit of humor in it if you can.
  • Write about a place the postcard recipient knows little of. Add details.

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