How to Stop Finding Language Arts Class Boring

Become Active in Language Arts

Change your way of learning language arts. Instead of sticking your nose in a book, get out there and find yourself new challenges, active challenges.

Get into storytelling. You’re not just writing a story, focus on how to tell the story.

Find spelling competitions at your school or groups competing in the schools in your area.

Join a book club where everyone reads the same book and then talks about it. What fresh insight could you bring to the group?

Read out loud. Have you ever read aloud before? It brings a new perspective to whatever you read if you say it rather than just read it to yourself.

Learn a new word every day. Keep a note of any new words you come across and don’t already know. Look up words you have a feeling you know what they are about but you never really checked to be sure exactly what they mean before.

Try word games like Scrabble, crossword puzzles and even the simpler word circle puzzles. Hangman is one of my favourite word games but you will need a friend to play with.

Does it all Seem too Complicated?

Really listen and break it down into steps. If you were giving instructions on the topic where would you start? Think of writing it out like a recipe, or telling a younger school kid about it. Peel apart the main steps from the extra information and work on that until you begin to see how it works, how it all makes sense.

If you really don’t understand ask questions, read more about the subject from different sources or ask a friend who seems to get it.

Think you Already Know it All?

Language is a skill we use every day. It could be easy to see it as something you already know. But, how much do you really know?

Test yourself.

Look for online language arts skills in spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. If you didn’t get perfect scores you still have something to learn. If you did get a perfect score you need a test for someone at a higher level. Don’t slack off and take a test for a kid unless you are a kid, at that reading and comprehension level.

What to do if You’re Bored in Class

If the class becomes boring because you already know the material being discussed or explained then you could skip ahead in the text book, or read parts of the text which the teacher skipped in order to speed through the lesson.

If you’re still in need of something interesting, ask a question. Put some thought into your question and make sure it is relevant to the topic.

If you’re too quiet for a question, take notes. Write down your thoughts about the topic the teacher is discussing. Write down the questions you could have asked. Then find the answers yourself.

Other than that, begin planning your next assignment for the class. If you get ahead now you will have more time for something else later.

Bored or Boring?

I’ve never forgotten the old saying about people who are bored. I believe it’s mostly true. You do have to be kind of boring in order to be bored. How can you not see something interesting to try, do or think in a world so full?

However, I have had times when I did feel bored with something. When I felt I had explored every facet, every inch and every possibility. I was sure I knew the subject so well there was nothing new for me to find and explore. But, there is always another twist on an old tale. You just have to perk up your interest in finding it.

In my experience people also become bored when they find the challenge too much for them. Instead of trying to work on it they back away from it and make it simpler. But, then it become too simple and this makes it less interesting – boring.

I think this is how people really get bored. They let things become too simple, without challenges. They stop putting a real effort into learning or understanding or creating new methods or new thoughts. When there isn’t something new or challenging about what you are doing, of course you will become less interested in it.

If you exercise your imagination, create a new challenge for yourself and don’t take the easy way out – you can’t possibly get bored with anything.

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