How to Fire Elastics from your Fingers

There are things boys just seem to need to know. They seem kind of silly, they make women wonder why boys/ men have some kind of death wish and they make us remember, yet again, that there are some very real differences between men and women.

Today my nephew borrowed my computer to look up how to shoot elastic bands like a gun with your hands. Why did he need to know this? His Uncle (my brother) came to visit and Zack had taken the elastics from the rolled up newspapers and now wanted to fire them off at his Uncle. I sent them outside, both fully loaded, into an area where I would not have to be picking up (and tracking down) elastic bands when they get tired of goofing around. Most likely that will be when Zack remembers he is hungry, again.

I kind of like these little things boys do, even as I cringe at some of them. Putting lighter fluid into the handle bars of a bicycle to light it and have flame shoot out. Having another boy hold him up by his hair until his entire butt was out of the seat and his whole weight was being supported by the hair on his head alone.

I grew up with a brother, I have a nephew and I’ve heard about brothers and others from women I know. Sometimes the men themselves will brag about stupid seeming things they have done. Proud of their achievements.

What are some you have heard of (or tried yourself)?

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