How Does Your Syndication Grow?

growgrrlWe are all so syndicated these days. Using social media like Twitter and Facebook to post our posts to other networks and then the feed readers which have lost some popularity, we have been able to build a much bigger network for what we write. Do you still count subscribers? Do you know where to look for an amount of subscribers? Or does Google Analytics give you all the reader and social statistics you need?

Ben wrote about counting your Twitter followers as subscribers. This works for me. However, not all of those people are following you for your blog. If you are using Twitter well you post more than regurgitated blog entries. You should be posting relevant content as well as every day this and that which makes you seem like a real person with something to say. People are far more interesting to follow on Twitter if they post random thoughts, link to other content they find and interact with other people on Twitter. You hope they will also have a look at your blog, but there is no guarantee. Does it matter? That depends on why you keep the blog, is it a tool, a part of the whole or do you need people at the blog to make your money?

Ben also wrote about making your feed useful again. It’s a good post. If you want to revamp your feed he has ideas that will work for you. I’m going to leave mine to dwell in the land of dust bunnies. As I commented on Ben’s blog, I just don’t have the time to put into this online tool any more. It isn’t as useful for me as other options, like Twitter.

I don’t know when I will ever have time to edit my feed reader. I have really given up on it years ago, never actually got into the whole thing really. I do use Twitter and especially Facebook as my feed reader now. I miss a lot and I am fine with that. I’m not trying to be omnipotent or anything like that. What I do catch is enough. The main thing is keeping a balance in my life so I am not feeling pressured to stay up all night just catching up on things. I spend a lot more time on maintenance and promotion than I actually write anything. It’s amazing how much time gets sucked up on stuff no one really sees. I also try to be social and that isn’t something I am good at. I’d happily be a social hermit and just leave everything to be read and not put myself into the picture at all.

What does it take for you to feel read? What numbers work for you? I’ve got the Stats plugin and that gives me a daily head count. Of course, it’s not perfect. It omits extra details like what people read, what people were real versus comment spammers and most of all it doesn’t tell me what people liked about my site. But, the generic numbers are enough for me. The main reason I like to watch traffic is the same reason I am a clock watcher at work. It keeps me going. As I count up the readers or down the hours I know where I am headed and I keep myself on track. I have a goal I can attain.

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