How Do you Want to Write?

writewellWhen you run dry on ideas to write about try thinking of your format or style instead. Work from another direction. When writing a blog entry, a personal essay in essence, you can write it free form, traditional, human interest, pet peeve, editorial, debate or be poetic in style.

Free Form – Writing without a plan, write with the flow of your own thoughts. Edit for the sake of clarity, but try to wait until your train of thoughts have slowed down to a trickle rather than interrupting yourself.

Traditional Form – A planned essay with an opening introduction, a middle and then closing thoughts to tie it all together. If you have a lot of information this is a good format to use when writing it all up. It’s better organized and straight forward.

Human Interest Story – An approach using humour, often communicating to a specific audience in your own point of view. These are written to be entertaining more than factual.

Pet Peeve – Basically it’s a rant written into words. Describe the problem, the cause of your rant. Discuss solutions, possible or over the top ideas, then end up with a conclusion or your eventual actions taken.

Editorial – An editorial is a rant written to be taken seriously, with facts, information and a professional style. Don’t make your bias come down too heavily or too emotionally.

Debate – A chance to write about both sides of a situation or issue. Write facts and points for and against. Avoid forming a final conclusion, instead let the reader form their own opinion.

Poem – A good way to write about something you feel emotional about. Bring your feelings into words, facts are not as important as the atmosphere you create.

Looking down the list of formats you can write in, what topics come into your mind? What could you rant about as a pet peeve? What could you debate about with strong points on both sides? What are you interested in enough to share your passion with your others?

Each type of writing format works with different topics and your own feelings about the topic. Pick a style and then the topic that works for you. Just thinking about how you want to write can give you great ideas for what you want to write about.

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