Horror Writers are Nice Girls Too

Writing horror is a unique experience. I have written horror and self published my horror writing. People have given me good feedback but I’ve yet to write something I feel really good about. So, I’m amateur horror writer. Still working on it.

I like the drama and the challenge of putting the things that really do scare me into words which will show someone else what really is scary. I don’t get scared by typical things: fictional monsters, serial killers and so on. No, the things that scare me are real and everyday like debt, job interviews and bumble bees that fly into my hair and keep buzzing around close to my head. The horror of deciding to hope the bee finds it’s own way out or risking getting your fingers stung while you try to get it out (before it stings your head or face) is a very real thing and something I have experienced.

It’s the real things that are scary, horrifying. Not the made up monsters. The only time a made up monster becomes frightening is when we talk ourselves into believing they are real, or could be real. It’s reality that really is the stuff of nightmares.

As a writer, I think writing horror makes you learn “show don’t tell” more than any other genre. An over narrated horror story will flat-line, fast!

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