Horror Show and Tell

I got the idea for this when I read a title “Horror Hotel Show and Tell” at Nippleicious.

It’s almost Halloween so when you notice an odd little Gothic-looking boutique on the main street of town You decide to go in, just for a quick look. On the outside it was tidy, whitewashed with wood trim of spirals and skulls and carved jack-0-lanterns along the front of the shop.

Inside the shelves are floor to ceiling tall and cover all four walls and the spaces in between. It’s cluttered and dusty, even the air seems to be foggy with dust. There are so many items on display you couldn’t see them all if you spent the whole day in the shop. But, now you’re curious enough for more than a quick peek at them all.

One whole wall just has old books. Really old books, the kind you usually only see under glass protection at the library or museum. The other three walls have signs on each display: Gifts for Friends, Gifts for Family, Gifts for Yourself. There are six shelves free standing in the room and each has it’s own sign as well: Gifts for Annoying People, Gifts for Greedy People, Gifts for Rude People, Gifts for Sloppy People, Gifts for Angry People, Gifts for Jealous People.

In one corner you notice a gargoyle. It seems to be breathing. Although you don’t take a step closer you are drawn to it, pulled somehow to stand next to it. The gargoyle opens it’s eyes and looks up at you. It’s alive! As your heart jumps into your throat, keeping you from taking a breath you are unable to move no matter how much you really, really want to leave now.

“What do you require?, asks the gargoyle. It patiently waits for you to answer. After awhile, you lose some of your panic and begin to feel you should say something… anything.

“I just came to browse. The shop looked so interesting from outside. I’ve never noticed it here in town before.” One you start pushing the words out talking gets easier and the gargoyle almost seems to smile, glad to be talking to someone.

“The store is only here for the day. Then I move on to another town. Just for the month of October. I’m retired, mostly.” The gargoyle waves a hand towards the shelves of goods. “You are welcome to look, let me know if you would like to know more about any of the items.”

When it finishes speaking it just goes quiet, reading a book you notice. What else can you do now but look around. Which shelf do you start with and what do you find there?

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