Horror Flash Fiction Contest

From Haley Whitehall:

I am hosting a horrific flash fiction contest. Here are the rules: Warning they are stricter than a challenge.

  • Genre: Horror or any genre with a strong element of horror
  • Word count: It MUST be 500 words or less
  • How to share: You can put it up on your blog and link here or (if you don’t have a blog) you can email it to me through the contact form and I’ll put it in a post for you.
  • Time limit: It must be posted by Halloween.
  • Prize: YES there is a prize! Keep reading.
  • Multiple Submissions? While I accept multiple submissions for my flash fiction challenges you can only enter ONE story in the contest.

via Horror Flash Fiction Contest.

What will you write? How will you write it? Flash fiction is short, 500 words is pretty lengthy for it. Could you write it in 250? 100? or even 50?

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