Horoscope for December

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December 2005 Horoscope:

Career challenges have kept you on the edge of your seat for the past couple months, making life feel like a bit of a roller coaster ride. This is all due to Mars taking an extended retrograde spell through your sixth house of work. Great news, Sagittarius! On December 9th, this phase ends, helping you feel like you have your feet planted firmly on the ground once again.

You may already have felt the beginnings of relief since November 22nd, when the Sun headed into Sagittarius. A long-standing conflict with a client or coworker is soon to be resolved. If you are a freelancer, you could score an important client this month, or renew a contract with an old one. If you work in an office, expect your job to feel a lot less monotonous. You may even be rewarded with a promotion or raise for pushing through so many grueling details over the past couple months. Get ready for a miracle, Sagittarius!

All this struggle has not been vain. There was a lesson to be learned. It’s time to stop defining yourself solely by what you do. While your career is an expression of you, it doesn’t actually make you who you are as a human being. With your ruling planet Jupiter in your twelfth house until late 2006, getting more in tune with your spiritual side could transform your entire life for the better. Put a practice into your days like short meditations or journal-writing to hear your inner voice. Like Sagittarius Tina Turner, who chanted her way to serenity and success, being grounded in your fundamental worthiness is key. You don’t have to do anything to prove that you are lovable, Sagittarius. Simply be and allow good things to come your way.

Though most people are waiting until January to kick off a fitness routine, you would actually benefit by getting an early start. After December 9th, start incorporating an exercise routine into your weeks. While there will lots of holiday sweets to snack on, don’t turn them into meal replacements. Stock your fridge with salads and healthy food. Don’t skip breakfast! Eating a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereal in the morning can start you off on the right foot.

If you are looking for love, the Full Moon in your partnership sign of Gemini could bring it on or near December 15th. Don’t expect this person to come in the usual package. What you consider “a little conservative” might actually be just what you need. Hey, you’ll get to be the wild and crazy one instead of the heavy, responsible one. That’s a nice change of pace for someone who craves both excitement and stability in her life as you do.

If you’re already in love, an overnight getaway to a rustic lodge could be the perfect birthday present for you. You love a road trip, so the drive should be as much fun as the destination. Pick somewhere with great scenery, an amazing country breakfast and a staff that lets you canoodle in the corner without rushing you to pay your bill.

Don’t overbook yourself on either Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve. You’ll want to make them both restful, low-key affairs. If you’re hosting a gathering, enlist people early in the month to be your party-prepping patrol. You may need to slip away for a few powernaps and let someone else take on the entertaining duties. Falling asleep in a robe and bunny slippers, surrounded by a pile of ribbons and wrapping paper, will sound like your idea of the perfect Christmas Day.

That’s not to say you can’t have a glamorous time too. A festive dinner party with rich food and deep, red wines could be an ideal way to ring in the New Year. Make reservations at a restaurant and invite your ten favorite people to be a part of the celebration. Spend the whole day in spa mode, getting your nails and hair done, and soaking in the tub. Like Sagittarius Jennifer Connelly, you’ll radiate in chic black velvet. Pick out an elegant dress and have an intimate, beautiful night!

Best Date Night: 12/16 – Attraction returns with a vengeance and lukewarm feelings heat up. Self-control won’t be easy, but who needs it?!

Best Career Day: 12/6 – Bye-bye boredom You’re appreciated by employers and work feels like a brand new experience.

Best Girl-Bonding Day: 12/27 – Go into holiday recovery mode by catching a chick flick and scooping up a couple goodies at an after-Christmas sale.

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