Honoured to be a Treasured Blogger

Lady Banana selected me and this blog as a Treasured Blogger. The Treasured Blogger idea came from Dancin’ Fool as a dedication to a blogger she will miss. I’ve also had a few people who I came to know through their blogs only to have them disappear one day. It is sad. For some you think of them years later but have no idea how to ever find them again, even if they did start blogging once again.

So thank you to Lady Banana. It really is an honour to be someone who would be missed. I think a lot of us write these personal blogs as a way of being heard, getting some feedback and maybe as a way to feel connected to the world and all the people in it. That isn’t something you can always find in the day to day daily grind where people often don’t even know their neighbours. It really is more than nice to be a voice out here in the world who would be missed. Thank you to everyone who comes along this way, thanks for listening, even for a short time.
Bloggers that I miss are Happy and Blue and Skye. Skye has a new blog but posts pretty rarely.

Bloggers I would miss if they disappeared would include Lady Banana but she sent me the award so I will mention her but not have her create another list for her blog.

The grrls as I think of us, from my Ontario Rural Ruins group. I’d hugely miss seeing photos from The Navigator, Kate, Lee Ann and msDeKay. Not only do they find great things but they take great photos too.

I only know him as twintam44 on Flickr but I have wondered if he knows b13fotographica, then there are The Useless Men, Terry aka Latte Girl, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Jade who has the best newsletter with quotes, Bev Walton-Porter who has several blogs but I still don’t keep in touch as I’d like to, Rainy Pete and others who I have known in the past and lost track of in the now. I hope you know who you are if you wander this way.

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