Home Biz Opportunities Now and Tomorrow?

Susan Ward writes the Small Business in Canada topic at About.com She has posted an article listing the top ten home businesses. I think she bit off a bit much by calling it ‘Now and Tomorrow’. Tomorrow can change pretty fast while that article is going to be pretty dated in no time at all.

Here is the list: (squished, if you want to read it in full click the link back).

1) Home Renovation Services
2) Pet-Based Products
3) Catering Services
4) Cleaning Services
5) Fall Prevention Products
6) Wedding Consultant/Planner Services (Event Planner for short)
7) Dietary Consultant Services
8) In-Home Beauty Services (Personal Trainer included here?)
9) Sewing and Alteration Services
10) Life/Business Coaching Services

I would add Personal Shopper/ Concierge Services and Image/ Etiquette Consultants and Personal Organizers to this list. That’s one I thought of while reading it. Maybe Virtual Assistants too, that covers a lot but it’s often work outside of the home while the others focus on home life for the client.

Interesting how almost all of these are personal services. Things a housewife used to do when it was still traditional for women to stay at home keeping the house clean, kids fed and so on. Women have changed the world in a lot of ways. I wonder if anyone ever saw this coming? It’s ironic that women are the ones who start up most of these kind of small businesses.

Should it enter your mind, I am not saying women should stay at home or all start small businesses.

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