Hob Junting

I don’t like looking for work cause it makes me feel I’m asking for something, which I am. I’m asking for a job. Would it help if I said please? …

Probably not.

It’s like making it easy for people to reject you. But, in the case of job hunting it’s usually for a real reason not just something silly like you wore the wrong socks that day. At least that’s my theory.

But, I’m back to it. Sending out resumes and lettery sort of things.

As if that wasn’t enough there will (maybe) be an interview for me to really royally screw up. I’m just not good in these situations. I know I could do the job and do it well, if they let me get past the bs to apply for it. But, people suck up that bs like candy. Some people live off it, having great jobs with buckets of money and all the respect of their peers. But, it’s still bs.

Note the bs is in small letters today as I don’t want to offend anyone who might actually hire me. LOL

If only I could just win the lottery and have my own business. I’d be great plus I could eliminate most of the bs. Not all, I’m not that far gone into lala land.

The above graphic came from a pretty cute resume, someone should hire that girl.

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