Hippity Hoppity December’s On It’s Way

Back in the basement today. I brought my Christmas tree and as many decorations as I could find with me. So much to put away still and now more here. I really need some kind of drawers set up. I have a net basket thing but it wouldn’t have fit in the car along with everything else this time. I may see what I can find at a store down here. Just a pain to haul it back here on the bus, do-able but not light and easy.

I took a bag of books to the second hand bookstore in Newmarket. Another bag to Zack, he seems to be already enjoying the first one he picked to read. It’s a huge hardcover with Scandinavian folk tales. (He says to call them folk tales, not fairy tales).

The upstairs people are about to be given notice to leave. The rent has not been paid in a few months and they are now complaining to Graham that the floors and other repairs are not done to their satisfaction. Kind of bold considering they haven’t paid rent in a long time and are never on time when they do pay. Graham says he would have listed the house for sale if I hadn’t moved down here. He hopes I will get out there and do something with more than a cashier job and lose weight, get hooked up with some guy. Funny how that is still the answer for women. Do families tell single men to get hooked up with some woman or do they focus on other things? Maybe it is kind of the same. Family want to have more family.

Not sure what the plans are for the next few days. I hope to talk to Tim from BlogTO. I also need to get something going with a job. Not that I’m all keen on being on cash again for Christmas. Maybe it won’t be so bad now that I’ve had some time away from it. I was really burnt out at the end of doing it steady for two years. Too many hours for part time and not enough money to make up for the nagging about selling credit cards. I’d like to get out to another second hand bookstore out here. I want to find the next book in the series I’ve been reading by Kelley Armstrong.

We will see how things come along. Maybe tomorrow I will make plans and find my way out from among all these piles and boxes and bags of stuff. If I’m lucky I will find a Goodwill nearby and turn up some kind of drawers type thing I can bring back here. Definitely needs to be a light weight.

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