Here Lies….

I should be working on a fixer upper template or adding titles to my new batch of photos on Flickr but I’m not. I did catch up on some things, including reading a few of the blogs I especially like. Still several more to read. I also found a new one to visit, That Canadian Girl.

Getting to work on the template. I had an interesting suspect but the Flock browser had a melt down and the download died a horrible death.

We had a drive on Monday/ Tuesday, heading in the direction of Kincardine, Ontario and wandering around on the way there and back. One town (I don’t remember which) had a little side garden with a sign like a tombstone in the plants. It said, “Here lies the last dog who crapped on our lawn.” I thought it was clever and it appealed to my sense of humour. It may seem nasty to the dog lovers… I’m just not one of them.

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