Hello.. My Name is Laura and I’m a Skimmer…

skimmingwhiledrawingI confess, I am a skim reader far too often. It gets me into trouble at times, most of the time I just miss some basic and important piece of information that would have been very helpful and made my life easier if I had focused and read instead of skimmed.

It is good to know your shortfall, or shortcuts in this case. Not only are you aware that you may be leaving yourself open to future trouble but you won’t be surprised when you realize something you were sure about was totally wrong. I have in the past written a lovely, well thought out blog review where I second guessed each word and phrasing but assumed the wrong gender of the blogger. A simple, basic fact I could have discovered if I had checked and read carefully a bit longer or at least a bit better. Or, of course, if I had just asked. Anyway, that was a while ago and it was only me that looked stupid. I did apologize and confess that I am a chronic skimmer when I am online.

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