Hello Hello Hello. It’s Time to Start the Show

I know I’m not the only person old enough to have watched “The Little Rascals”. Re-runs of course. I’m not THAT old.

Today I have had a headache all day and it’s still here. A tension headache I think it must be. It has been an eventful day.

This morning I moved down to the Beaches apartment. Yet, tonight I am back here in my Mom’s house. Confusing? The short version of my adventures is: Cat Allergies. The people upstairs have still not gotten rid of their cats. There was cat poo at the bottom of the stairs where my entrance to the basement apartment is. Even with the door closed I could smell the cat toilet area just outside my door. I also began to get allergies. So I didn’t stay down there. I am going down on Friday morning again cause I have an apointment for an interview.

I’m so frustrated. Men get to punch things and yell at people. Women just internalize it all and get tension headaches. I think the back of my head is going to have some kind of implosion and just slip off silently down my back, slipping down my back – cause your head does have blood and blood is slippery. At the very least it’s lubrication for when the back half of your skull comes loose and your brains fall out with a squishy plop noise. It’s not like I was really using all of them anyway.

My Mom makes me crazed. She builds everything into a mountain whereas I prefer to deal with the molehill I can see up close. Why does she gather up every least difficulty and goal however far off or out of my control it is and create a massive mountain that is in danger of topling over and crushing me under the weight of my own life. It’s really not fair. I did try to tell her how much she aggravates me. I slightly hurt her feelings and then I felt bad and just stopped talking. The funny thing is that once I stop talking she fills in that quiet by building up that mountain again.

Do all Mothers do this or am I just really lucky?

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