Hello From LiveJournal

Hello again LiveJournal and LiveJournal people. I have just (yesterday afternoon) gotten home from giving up my home so my Mom and brother could have time self quarantined after coming back from the US. I was away a month, mostly because my niece and I like working, cooking and having some fun together. I stayed at my sister’s house. Now I’m back, in Barrie, where my brother and Mother have ransacked their way through everything I own, every least bit of paper, literally everything. Boundaries and privacy do not exist here. When I was a girl I wished for a lobotomy to make my life easier. Now I’m a 55 year old woman and I know none of them will ever read this so I can say that I almost wish I were dead. Not quite enough to die. What little spark is still in my head that just will not entirely, fully give up? I don’t know why I keep going when I have almost nothing, but I do. Well, LiveJournal, I don’t know when I will be back, but most likely I will be back, eventually. If not… well, what did any of it really matter.

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